Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beautiful Pacific

Today is August 28th and I've done a bit of posting since last night to "catch up" a bit. I am off to work this morning so I'll see what I can do later. As you can see from my posting, I usually work late at night or early in the morning ... seems to work the best for me. I do have some videos that I want to share. Thanks for checking in ... catch more from the summer and what's going on right now!! This is the view that I see when I drive to work along the coast ... Very nice !

Blaise's visit to the dentist

This was Blaise's 3rd trip to the dentist. The first trip was good, although he was a bit hesitant on getting the x-rays so he sat on my lap. The second appointment he wouldn't even lay down in the chair. As you can see in these pictures he did let the dentist check his teeth but he would not lay down. Our dentist is the Best! Blaise likes him and only wants him to touch his teeth ... not any of his "helpers".

First Day of T-Ball for Blaise and "Daddy's Day"!

Check out Blaise on his first day of T-ball. I took lots of pics so you will see more again. His team was the "Blue Dolphins". It was a learning experience for me as well as Blaise.

Happy Father's Day!!!

Philip's new addition to the bike set up. Now Blaise can ride right along with us .... COOL !

Blaise creates a "Daddy's Day Gift"

We love to create special gifts for different occasions and Blaise loves to paint so we go to this place in town where you can paint the items and have them fired. It is really fun. I took Blaise there so he could make a Father's Day gift for Philip. I told Blaise that he could pick out whatever he wanted to paint ie a plate, mug, or any other item ... Blaise picked a skateboard. He did an awesome job painting it all by himself. Here are pics of the work in progress and the skateboard before it was fired.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Birthday Celebration

Our day started out at the beach at the park ... lots of fun on the new playground equipment.

Blaise whipped up a cake!

Erin came up and surprised me. We were out to dinner and she just came into the restaurant. It was sooo cool!!

Pin the Tail on the Donkey was the game of the night and for many many days afterwards!
We had a Super Celebration!!!!!!!!!

Blaise our Little Artist

Fun in the sun in Santa Barbara!

Fun in Santa Barbara

Philip surprised me for my Birthay (In June) and we spent the weekend in Santa Barbara. It was really fun and we had beautiful weather. So nice to just relax!!

Good Times at the Ranch

Blaise gets a close up visit with "Marshall ... One of the best things to do at the ranch is to ride on the tractor!

Mrs. "C" shows Blaise where to find the eggs in the chicken house

Blaise cruisin on the Quad

Scott, Philip, Mrs. "C", Matt, Melodie , Mo, Blaise, Austin and Lisa take a family pic on the front steps of the house before we took off to head home.

All the "Boys" ... Scott, Philip, Matt and Mr. Blaise in the car seat.

Fun at Uncle Scotty's

Scott's daughter Amy, graduated from High School and we went up to the graduation. She will be going to school in Hawaii next year at the Unversity of Hawaii. We had a fun visit as you can see from the pics. It is always fun at the ranch!

Blaise getting roping lessons from Uncle Scotty

Blaise Loves the quad!!