Friday, October 12, 2007

Blaise goes down the Firepole

Blaise and his new friend Engineer Tom.

Funny face Blaise on the back of the fire engine.

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What a day for Mr. Blaise. I had an errand to do and this station has a firepole. Engineer Tom asked Blaise if he wanted to go down the pole. Of course Blaise was thrilled! I'm sure you can tell by his expression!!

"Blaise in the Box"

Saturday is Farmer's Market Day at our house. Usually Philip and Blaise go together. The other day when I opened the door when I heard them coming up the driveway, this is what I saw. Philip said that it worked out great! A way to keep Blaise under control And to get all of the shopping done ... and Blaise Loved it too! Always using his head, that husband of mine!

Curious Blaise

Here we see Mr. Blaise looking somewhat like his favorite friend "Curious George". Blaise is a worker that's for sure. He is also concerned with safety which is great. He always wears hearing protection when I vacuum and when he is on a building project he wears his goggles.

Sunset on The Pier

A fun family trip down to check out the sunset, Zack included. It is really fun to venture out in your own hometown...makes you feel as though you are on vacation. A Great place to live and play!

Blaise Loves his Uncle Bergie!

Ok, Ok yes it has been Quite some time since I have posted ... no excuse! Here you go Uncle Bergie! I love these pics of Mr. Blaise. He has so much fun at the ranch. The stories go on for months, just enough to tie him over until the next visit. I remember when Blaise was scared to feed the horses by himself and now he can't get enough of it.
Hopefully we will see you soon Uncle Bergie ... up there or down here. WE miss you!!