Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blaise's Third Birthday

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An experiment with Microsoft Plus Photo Story. I am always finding new programs that are on my computer and don't know quite what they are ... this is one of them. Soooo I tried it ... pretty cool. Took some pics from Blaise's Birthday in Oct and put this together. All of these programs are on my PC so it uses Windows Media Player to show them. This blog is a great way to share all of the varieties of formats that are available. I hope that you enjoy them!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Break Dancing Blaise

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Break Dancing Blaise makes his debut! As you can see Blaise loves to dance! Movin and groovin to the beat! I am editing with Windows Movie Maker so you have to have Window Media Player to view it ... I'm working on how to view it with other options as well.
Enjoy the show!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Mix Master Blaise

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We went out to dinner with Janice (Philip's sister) , and friends for her Birthday. We came home for cake and entertainment courtesy of "Mix Master Blaise"! He sure can "groove" on the keyboard!

This movie was made with Windows Movie Maker ... so you can watch it with Windows Media Player. Enjoy the Fun ... can't help but tap your feet and Smile!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Future Videoblogger!

Oh Yes, I think that Blaise will definitely be a future videoblogger. He watches me all the time, and of course wants to play with all of the keys! I think that He will be showing Me how to videoblog in no time!

Rock the Turtle

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This is my Very First Attempt at "editing a movie". I did it with Windows Movie Maker. I don't know how to do all the the editing in Quicktime ... so stay with me while I explore the options ...
This was a turtle that just crawled up our driveway one afternoon. Where did it come from?? who knows ... I asked my neighbors with kids if it belonged to anyone they knew ... ended up belonging to an older couple two houses away. We had "Rock" as Blaise called him for a couple of days, because they were away on vacation.
A few weeks later "Rock" came to visit us again, this time they had written their phone number and name on him. I think that he likes our house better ... a lot more fun!

Alice Keck Park Picnic

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This was actually my very first attemp at putting together a video slideshow ... just had to figure out a few things first.
This is a beautiful park in Santa Barbara! Blaise and I had a little picnic then went across the street to "Kids World" to play!
This slide show is for you Dru! Riley and Blaise will play together soon!!
This was made with Windows Movie Maker and can be viewed with Windows Media Player.
Now I need another lesson from Mindy on how to add sound to the video slideshows for the full effect!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My First Video Slideshow!

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This is my first video slide show! I am very excited!!! It was made on Windows Movie Maker
so if you have it then you can view the show! ... viewed with Windows Media Player.
I worked the watertender with Howie up a the Rincon a week or so ago. It was an awesome day! We were ready for any fire to break loose! We cruised the area ... made a stop by my house to show the kids the Big Water Tank Truck!
Thank you Mindy! You are the Best!!! ... Mindy is my "blogging mentor"!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

It's Thomas the Train!

We love Halloween at our house. This year Philip went all out with the decorating. He had pumpkin lights strung over the side entryway to the house. Inside the house he had more multi colored pumpkin lights in the kitchen window. In the dining room he hung two big pumpkins with lights inside. Every day there
would be more festive items at the house. We had three pumpkins that I
carved Halloween day with Blaise. "Gram" came up for the evening so Philip and I
could go out "trick or treating" with Blaise. At first he really didn't get the whole ring the doorbell thing but then of course had a blast! He really liked his Thomas the Train outfit that He picked out himself!! A Very Happy Night was had by all!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Learning how to make movies

Click on picture to see movie
this is on Windows Movie Maker