Friday, November 30, 2007

San Diego with Auntie Aida Aug 4,5,6,7,8 2007

Sergio (Turtle's sister Tammy's husband), his son Max and Blaise enjoy the pool at Auntie Aida's. We had quite the visit! Check out the video slideshow for all of the action!

Aida Bee and Shamu part two 8-6-07

Ada Bee and Shamu part two

Aida Bee and Shamu part one 8-6-07

Aida Bee and Shamu part one

Aida Bee and Blaise at Sea World with Shamu 8-6-07

Aida Bee and Blaise at Sea World

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Montessori Thanksgiving Feast

Blaise feasting with his friends at school

Blaise and his best buddy Kyle

Montessori Thanksgiving Feast

Montessori Feast

80th Birthday Party in Piru

Blaise in his "stylin hat" ready to party with Mom and Dad!

Daddy and Blaise
Blaise's "walkie-talkie" was the favorite toy for the day!

Blaise and his new friends at my friend Freddy's Dad's 80th Birthday Party. Blaise had a blast with all the kids

Bye Bye Pumpkins

Here are our pumpkins, two weeks later ... why did we still have them? better yet why did I take a picture of them ... because they looked so mushy. Most people would have thrown them away the day after Halloween but we saved them for awhile, and they stayed nice for a long time then all of a sudden ... they collapsed. Bye bye pumpkins!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Halloween 2007 Fun Filled Day

Halloween 2007 Fun in the neighborhood!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pinata with Paris and Elle for Blaise's 4th Birthday

Pinata with Paris and Elle for Blaise's 4th Birthday

Singing with Paris and Elle for Blaise 10-28-07

Happy Birthday Blaise with Paris and Elle  10-28-07

Singing at Amalia's for Blaise's 4th Birthday

Singing at Amalia's Blaise's 4th Birthday

October 25, 2007 Blaise's 4th Birthday

October 25, 2007 Blaise's 4th Birthday

Blaise's 4th Birthday Celebrations

October 25, 26 & 28th were very fun days at our house. We celebrated Blaise's Fourth Birthday! On His Birthday we went to the Zoo and visited all of our animal friends and had a picknick by the meercats, Blaise's favorites! After the Zoo we went for a ride on the Flying Horses. At night we had cake with Daddy. The next day we had another celebration with Amalia and all the kids. Amalia set up all the decorations and had cake and treats for the kids. On Oct 28th we decorated gingerbread men with our neighbor friends Paris and Elle. We had lots of fun! We also had a pinata which Blaise and the girls Loved!!!

Blaise's 4th Birthday Celebrations

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gatorman 3 Mile Swim La Jolla 9-10-07

La Jolla Gatorman commentary by Aida Beeee 9-10-07

Roping at Uncle Scotty's

Roping at Uncle Scotty's Blaise is getting the hand of it!

Light snowfall in Mammoth 9-20-2007

Light snowfall in Mammoth

Saturday, November 17, 2007

October 19, 2007 The Pumpkin Patch

Blaise was in his glory when he got to sit up with the tractor driver at the pumpkin patch.

I was able to go with Blaise's school when they had their field trip.

Blaise and Kyle had a blast together! We went on a hayride out to the patch and then each child got to pick out their own pumpkin.

October 6, 2007 Our Sixth Anniversary

Six Years ... Wow! Philip, Blaise and I celebrated our Anniversay by going out to dinner at "Our Restaurant" where we went out to dinner for the first time together and it is where we like to go for special occasions. Philip and Blaise surprised me with a yummy cake and here we are with it!

Preschool Day Two

This is how Blaise looked at the start of his second day of Montessori. It did help that his good buddy Kyle is in the same school.

Blaise's First Day of Preschool

October 1st was Blaise's first day of preschool at Montessori. When we got to school you can see from the pictures below that he didn't want to go. After seeing that he could have lots of fun he was smiling when I picked him up in the afternoon. It was an adjustment for him and also a big change for Me !

Mammoth Video slideshow 9-2007

Here is a collection of pictures that we took on our Mammoth trip. We had all kinds of weather and it made for an exciting time!

Snow at Mammoth 9-20-2007

Lots of snow Mammoth Sept 20, 2007

Tour of the Buoys Swim

On August 5th I went down to La Jolla to do an ocean swim with Erin. It was at La Jolla Shores Beach. Philip and Blaise were our cheerleaders as well as our photographers. It was the first swim that I had done in a Long, long, long time!!! Erin said that she would stay with me and assured me that I would be fine. It did work out great. We swam side by side for the mile and a half swim and then ran out of the water together. It was Awesome!!! First time I was able to swim with my "little sister"! After the race we thought we would check out the results and much to our surprise, we each won our age groups so we got these cool medals!

Gatorman 3 Mile Swim La Jolla 9-10-07

On September 10th Erin and I did a 3 mile ocean swim in La Jolla called the "Gatorman".
It was really fun! A beautiful day. The race started at 1:30 so there was a bit of chop on the water. We swam together the whole way. There were lots of swimmers in the race. Erin shows the course in the video below.

La Jolla Gatorman commentary by Aida Beeee 9-10-07

Ten Mile Ocean Swim Relay

On September 23rd my sister Erin or "Aida" as I call her, swam with a relay team a ten mile ocean swim in La Jolla to raise money for diabetes. Here I am with Aida and this is our team. We each swam one mile lengths and tagged off to the next swimmer as they ran out of the water so we each swam two miles, except for Aida who swam three times or six miles because one of our team members was a bit tired. He did give it the team try!

Roping at Uncle Scotty's August 2007

Blaise had a blast at Uncle Scotty's! He loved everything ... riding the horses, collecting the chicken eggs, practicing roping the cows, even cleaning the horse stalls!! A Great time for all of us. Blaise's favorite words ... "Giddy Up Horsey"!

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