Sunday, September 24, 2006

Catalina ... with the Girls for lunch ... after the crossing

Watch the video
Here are the girls on Catalina after the race having lunch...Maria, Mindy, Julie, Cora, Rell and Eva. It was a fun crossing and a Great Day!
I did not get video of the crossing I just left that up to Mindy, the "Expert"! Check out her stuff at and
If you want to see this video you need to have Quicktime. It's really easy do download and it's free. Just go to Enjoy!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Washing "The Blaise Mobile"

It is so great to see Blaise so enthusiastic about washing "The Blaise Mobile"! I was washing it the other day and right away he wanted to help out. Of course he grabbed the hose and started spraying all over the place! Yikes! He could not stop laughing and I had to get totally soaked to

get the hose away from him. It was really funny. Then immediately he grabbed the towels and started to dry the mini van ... oh... oops..."The Blaise Mobile"!
I am going to save these pics so that when he is able to drive and I say let's wash the car, I can remind him of how much he loves to wash!