Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ventura Race

Here are Maria and Molly securing the bucket so that the nagging bounce will not be heard during the race! Blaise and I went down in the morning to see the girls and to wish them a great paddle. Weather was really nice for Ventura, a change from our usual fog. Everyone was full of energy and ready to go ... smiles everywhere .. that is what I love about being around these girls! They race hard and know how to have lots of fun together. Soon enough I'll be back on the water ... Enjoy the pics!

Night before the Ventura Race

The night before the Ventura race a bunch of us met at Milanos, in the Ventura Harbor for dinner. Here is a group shot with the beautiful harbor as a backdrop. From left there is George, Molly, Blaise, Mindy, Philp, and Me! Dinner was really fun! Lots of laughs ... a good time!
I think that Blaise was trying to scare Molly and Mindy ... what do you think?!!

Love the head wear on Mindy and Molly! Oh such stylin gals!! I think that Mindy's hat should be the new race headwear.
And we have our Lovely picture of Miss Molly and "her George"! Such the photogenic couple!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Aloha Santa Barbara Rig Run

Here's Riley, Dru's little boy who was our fan on this foggy day in Santa Barbara for the annual Rig Run Race. The girls all came together to make the trek around platform "C" in the Channel and then triangulate back to East Beach in just under 2 hours. Vicki was our awesome stroker followed by Dru, whose voice lasted great through the race despite being horse at the start! I was in seat three, Christy in four, Julie in five and our Mindy steering us! It was Cool to see Molly and "her George" ... finally meet him in person! So much positive energy from everyone! Look forward to getting back in the boat!!! Mahalo Wahines!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cinco de Mayo Ventura Raceway

Cinco de Mayo was a festive day for our family. We ventured down to the Ventura Raceway. Almost every Saturday they have races. You can hear the roar of the cars from all over town. This evening was a bit cold as you can see from our jackets. We didn't have the wet cold from the ocean, that was right at our backs so that was nice. They race all different divisions of cars ... tiny ones that look like they are a go-cart with a shell to much bigger models. We sat up in the corner so we had a perfect view as the cars slid round the turn. It was really Fun!!