Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Grandma's in Town

Grandma's in town so it is off to our favorite place for lunch. Gee would that be Italian food! oh yes, and the Best! We had a really fun afternoon...first we played at the park and then had a delicious lunch. We met up with our really good friends and had a fun afternoon...lots of laughs!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Day at the Fair

Once a year the fair comes to town. This year we did actually go ... twice, the first time to just cruise around an the second time primarily to go to the rodeo. We thought that Blaise would be very excited to go on the rides because this year he was a little bit taller so he had a few more options than last year. Well that was not the case, not even with the pony rides. Of couse me, the Mom wanted him to "have fun" on the pony so I put him on the animal, crying and clinging to me! Gosh what were the other parents thinking! Anyway after a few laps around the ring he was ok. This pics was taken about mid-ride so he was still warming up to the idea! He really liked looking at all of the animals! Loved all of the sheep and the horses! He wanted to take them home, sure if we lived on a ranch! We did go to the rodeo and that was fun. They had an ambulance standing by in case the riders needed help. Blaise saw it and said "Mommy there is the ambulance in case the cows and horses get hurt, they can take them to the hospital". When they had the calf roping, Blaise was very concerned when their legs were tied, for the 6 sec. hold, and couldn't get up and were getting "all dirty" on the ground. He did like the barrel racing because they rode really fast. We of course had our kettlecorn, Blaise's favorite ... alright, my favorite too! Before we went home we checked out the rides again but just looked, maybe next year will be different. I actually went on a couple rides...one was called the Kamikazi and went upside down round and round...nice view of the fair from upside down but I think that my stomach is still up there!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Women of Paradise Beach Day Santa Clause Lane 7-30-06

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What a great day to go to the beach and spend it with the WOP girls and families. Blaise had a blast in the sand and water! He loved watching the train pass by, and it was really close so he could wave to the engineer! He thought that it was really cool!!
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Check out the Fun!!!!!

Women of Paradise Beach Day

A WOP beach day, that's Women of Paradise! Almost half of the gals were able to go so that was great. Me, Cindy, Sarah and Kathleen got to touch base and get caught up on life a bit. The kids had a great time digging in the sand and playing in the water.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Blaise Digging at the Beach 7-19-06

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Blaise loves to dig at the beach especially with his feet, because as he says " I can dig really fast this way Mommy" !

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