Tuesday, April 04, 2006

From the Kitchen to the Garden

Need any plants or flowers to be planted? Blaise is the little man to do it! Loves digging in the dirt and is a very hard worker. Sweeping, as you know is his favorite activity! He'll sweep a pile together, mess it up, just to sweep it again. We bought a bunch of flats of flowers last weekend and he wanted to plant them all. He sometimes gets overzealous and ends up digging up the already planted flowers. The best thing is that he takes the time to smell all of the flowers that he plants. Let's all learn a thing or two from "the Little Man". Take time for the little things in life!

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JoviFan said...

So cute! My plants are in need of some attention. And my floors always need sweeping. I swear, Mo, you had best make sure you guys make it out to visit this summer. I'll make sure to let the plants go to pot and the dust accumulate...that should keep blaise very busy!!!!