Friday, April 20, 2007

Fillmore Trains April 1, 2007

On Sunday April 1st, Blaise, Daddy and I went for a drive out to Fillmore because we thought that Thomas the Train was going to be in town. Driving into town we didn't see many people and soon realized that we were there on the wrong weekend. Well, that didn't stop us from having the best time. On the first Sunday of the month, they have these cool trains, made by the guys themselves, train club guys, and they give rides to the public. We totally lucked out. We had so much fun!!! Blaise then wanted to have an ice cream cone after his ride so we just relaxed in the park and enjoyed the morning! A Super Fun Day!! Enjoy the ride! ... and the cool music by Daniel Ho
Ooops, a little editing error by Me ... you get to see us twice! always learning!

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Mindy said...

Oh my gosh you are getting very tricky with your videos. I love it! Mo you look good in that straw hat.