Friday, October 12, 2007

Blaise goes down the Firepole

Blaise and his new friend Engineer Tom.

Funny face Blaise on the back of the fire engine.

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What a day for Mr. Blaise. I had an errand to do and this station has a firepole. Engineer Tom asked Blaise if he wanted to go down the pole. Of course Blaise was thrilled! I'm sure you can tell by his expression!!


JoviFan said...

I need a new friend. Is Fireman Tom available?

Mindy said...

Wow 5 new post that is great!

Molly said...


What a great video! It's funny that jovifan is asking after Fireman Tom because my girlfriends that I watched this with asked the same thing! =) And then George rolled his eyes...

Love to you and Phillip and Blaise!

XO, Molly