Monday, May 15, 2006

Before and After ... the Doggie Beauty Parlor

Well this is a picture of my dog Zack. The top picture is what he usually looks like and the bottom one is from Saturday after the beauty parlor. His coat was just getting unmanageable, and I don't like the shedding of hair everyhere ... so it was off to get trimmed.Now we know that Zack is a mix, mostly Australian Shepherd but it looks to me as if there is some dalmation in there too ya think!!
He is just the best dog though. When Blaise came along, I know that he felt like he was put to the back burner so to speak, and now Zack is afraid of Blaise. All that Blaise wants to do is play with him yet he scurries away to find his own space. Now he looks like a puppy and he's 8 yrs. old. Blaise even comments on the trim, he says " I like Zacky's haircut"!! too funny !!


Mindy said...

Hi Mo,

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JoviFan said...

Hi Mo.
Don't you love these idiots who post unsollicited advertisements on your blog?
Anyway, good job on the doggie make-over. I like how he has the front paws crossed, all gentlemanly-like, in the second picture. As if the make-over somehow endowed him with better manners and comportment!
Ha ha.

lms129 said...

Can you refer Trump to that doggie groomer?

Rox said...

This was a real doggie makeover!

Speaking of unsolicited advice, Lexi just got a page up on last week and we are having a lot of fun with it! Please let us know if you sign up over there - we'll give you some bones!

Aloha and mahalo for the link!

Rox and Lexi Dog