Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mmmmmm ... Lasagne !!

Yummy! Lasagne!!! My little chef is the ultimate taste tester and he said that the noodles were perfect. He was all decked out in his apron and felt very official. My lovely husband made a super sauce sooo all we had to do was put the ingredients together. We used two packs of noodles so the pan must have weighed 10 lbs by the time we were through! Baked the tastey treat and now it is in the freezer to be consumed at a later date. Good thing my husband is Italian ... I love potatoes and everything but nothing beats great homemade Italian food !!


Mo said...

he's tooooo cute!!

JoviFan said...

I should find myself an Italian husband. Although, with you and Lauren already having brought a little Italian into the family, maybe I could find a nice Greek husband. MMMMM....feta cheese! Or maybe a nice Latin husband. MMMMM.....Enchildas. My boyfriend is Hungarian, and his dad makes a delicious Hungarian mushroom soup, but my boyfriend as fallen into a frozen Trader Joe's Burrito rut!

Anonymous said...

We gotta pair Blaise and Alli up for a food battle,Iron Chef Style. Can you just picture it? He is soooo cute!!