Saturday, November 04, 2006

It's Thomas the Train!

We love Halloween at our house. This year Philip went all out with the decorating. He had pumpkin lights strung over the side entryway to the house. Inside the house he had more multi colored pumpkin lights in the kitchen window. In the dining room he hung two big pumpkins with lights inside. Every day there
would be more festive items at the house. We had three pumpkins that I
carved Halloween day with Blaise. "Gram" came up for the evening so Philip and I
could go out "trick or treating" with Blaise. At first he really didn't get the whole ring the doorbell thing but then of course had a blast! He really liked his Thomas the Train outfit that He picked out himself!! A Very Happy Night was had by all!!

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JoviFan said...

Love the costume!!!