Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sesame Street

If you have these characters at your house you probably have a little one , or just like Sesame Street. Blaise loves these guys and the show! Elmo is his favorite! When the show is on in the morning and Elmo comes on I hear ... "Mommy Elmo's on!!!" and of course I go in to watch with him. They are really cool if I do say so myself.


JoviFan said...

Thanks to Allie and Caroline, I'm well versed in the various characters of Sesame Street.

Anonymous said...

We love Sesame Street! I am convinced that this programming helped Allison with her language delay. The best part about Sesame Street is the random celebrities that show up on the street. James Gandolfini (A.K.A Tony Soprano) was on once. They weren't at the Bada Bing but still, it was very cute.

Mindy said...

I am in Alaska right now I will be home on the 19th of June. As for your question on a one-man. All the top girls are paddling on a Hurricane. Did you paddle this weekend? What team colors did you wear?????HMMMMMMM!