Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Day at the Beach

A beautiful day at the beach with Mr. Blaise. You would have thought that he would have been in the ocean since birth, but no, not until two weeks ago! Oh sure you say that I am "such the fish" "WHAT is the Deal"??? ok ok his gills are totally wet and he is ready to live on the sand! He had sooo much fun!! He loved it when the waves would come up and he would then run after the bubbles on the sand. One wave came up and knocked him over a bit and he just rolled over on his back and laughed!! As you can see is is nicely covered up and protected from the harsh rays of the sun. Oh sure when we were little we use to go to to Hampton Beach and run around all day without sunscreen (until they came out with Coppertone #4 ... whew that really did some good!) and of course would get a bit pink, of course thinking that the pink would somehow turn into a tan ... eventually! Anyhow, Blaise is really good about wearing his "getup" and I just tell him it is what all the surfers wear and then he thinks it is Cool. I'm shopping for a wetsuit so we can go out on the surfboard and paddle around a bit. It is hard to find one in his little size. Can't wait to venture back to the beach and build more castles. Lots of Fun!!


JoviFan said...

Try LL Bean for the childs wetsuit.

Anonymous said...

LL Bean, as Nants said, has everything for kids. I get all the girl's things there.

dru said...

Mo- -where did you find the getup Blaise has on for swimming? I would love to get Riley something like that.