Friday, July 28, 2006

"Let's Go Surfin Now...Even Blaise is Learnin How"!

Yes, I finally made it out in the water after a bit of a break, gosh my gills were a bit dried out! It was Awesome! Most of the time I was just paddling around and making sure that I wasn't in the way of all of the "good surfers". Blaise watched me from the shore with Philip and the binoculars ("so I could see you better Mommy" Blaise said). I was wearing a full wetsuit but got pretty hot and had to keep pouring water down my neck to cool off. Next time it's "bareback" for me ... that's without a wetsuit! We are planning on a beach day for Sunday with the girls so I'm excited! We can trade off watching the "chillin" while we try to catch some surf! Cowabunga Dude !!!!


JoviFan said...

That's it. I'm movin' to California!!

Mindy said...

Very cute photo!

Mo said...

i'm so jealous!!