Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Here Comes the Bean"

The paddling girls together (and Master Jack) to celebrate the up and coming nuptuals of "The Bean" the beauty queen in the lovely shade of green seated with the group. We had a Fantastic time at Shicky's! Lots of laughs and great stories. Sabina was a Crack up! Loved hearing the stories about her wedding dress. Can't wait to see the pics!! We all wish her Much Love and Aloha!!!


dru said...

What a great photo -- I wasn't even there, and it made me smile :). And such a nice occasion for all of you to get together! Congratulations Sabina!

Box of Chocolates said...

Tried to post when this was up originally and couldn't get it to work. The paddling dinner was the best. I wish you all could have made it up to Idaho. It was an awesome time. Hi Dru!