Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Aquatic Perspective

People reading this blog may think, what the world is a "fisheye view"? Well, when trying to think up a name and be off the cuff about it ... it just came to me. When looking around my house the other day for fish to photograph I could not believe how many things there were to capture. I guess it is because I am an aquatic person and like having the feel of sea things around. This is actually a picture of the stained glass window in our bathroom. We had it made in Mexico, on one of our random adventures. We took out the existing window and framed this one in. The window has a light that shines on it from the back from outside so when it's dark it is a cool nightlight. Hey, I wonder what a "real fisheye view" would be like ??


JoviFan said...

I also adore sea creatures! I think they're all so cool and beautiful. Apparently, when we open our eyes under water and we have that very cloudy and flowing vision, this is opposite to a fish. In other words, if they were able to see out of water, their vision would look like our vision does under water. I understand this is due to the curvature of the lenses of human and fish eyes. Does that make any sense?

Anonymous said...

I love sea creatures too. We were looking at some one day online and then we ended up at the Sea World website and there was Erin! I was so excited. I was explaining to Allison that was mommy's cousin. I was so proud!