Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Do I have the sweet husband or what? I woke up this morning to find an orchid on the kitchen table with chocolates. All around the kitchen were chocolate hearts. Leave it up to him to put chocolates by the computer! Do I have a "Keeper", Yes, I do !!! Happy Valentines Day !!


JoviFan said...

Yippie! I'm so happy to have a CA Bakey commenting on my blog! Got some west coast action going on over there!
Yes, by the way...you have a big time KEEPER! I love the added touch of the little chocolate on the calendar page. That would have been my favorite.
Happy Valentine's day and happy chocolate eating!

Sabrina said...

Yes indeed, he is a keeper! That is such a sweet thing to do! Most men won't even know what to do with those candy hearts even if you gave them a bag and say.. "surprise me". LOL..