Friday, February 24, 2006

Wanna Be A Cook Someday

So what is it these days that draws me to "The Food Network"? It's not like I curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and take down the recipies ... ya as if I really have the time! Anyways, I find myself watching these cooking shows mostly when I am cooking dinner, as an alternative to the news. I guess I feel if I watch enough of these shows I can get some ideas for myself. Now me, and my lifestyle I need to be able to make things that are simple and fast ... so of course my favorite show is with "Rachel Ray" and she makes 30 minute meals. Not only are the meals fast but healthy. She is quite the funny girl. She is bubbly and loves to eat! I guess I think that by watching her show I will somehow remember her tips when I comes time for that creative recipe night!
My husband just laughs when he sees the Food Channel on. He is a really great cook, yet as he puts it, it's always nice to have a break ... we share cooking so don't get me wrong! I just love to bake because I love to eat the yummy treats! They do have a show called "Sugar Rush", right up my alley where they find cool desserts ... but you know what, I just love plain old chocolate, give me a bag of M&M's anyday! ... although dark chocolate is a weakness !


JoviFan said...

Mo, you and little Allie have something in common....You both LOVE M&Ms! When we go to Target, she always manages to find the cute little packages of M&Ms and put them into my cart. I then have to take them out and discreetly hide them in various parts of the store when she isn't looking.

Anonymous said...

Allison loves Rachel Ray. I thik its because she is so bubbly and she has a really cool kitchen. I actually tried a few of her recipes and to quote Rachel, they were "Yum-O"!.