Sunday, February 19, 2006

Today was a beautiful day ... clear with cool clouds, after last nights downpour. We went for a walk downtown to go furnature shopping. Outside the store was this car ... oh soooo bizarre ! All kinds of figurines glued to it. Of course I had my camera ... just in case I found something on my travels for my "blog" oh ya know, yes I'm the novice so I fugured I'd be ready!! I wasn't the only one taking pictures. As I was taking the pictures I saw the owner/driver opening the car door and her hair was the color of this type. Yes, flaming purple ! She was letting her little dog out of the car. Zoom in and check out the figures ... What a Trip !!!

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JoviFan said...

Only in California. What strikes me most about these photos is how damn warm and sunny it looks there. I'm on my way!!