Thursday, March 02, 2006


The little man is feeling a lot better so it is out to play baseball. Of course he has to have his hat ... must look official when playing ... and He asked to wear it! Just got a new ball and bat the other day ... if we can only keep the ball away from Zack we'll be able to play a bit longer. He loves the mit ... even though it is Way Too big for him ... it's Dad's old mit. He's got the technique down and hey when he doesn't hit the ball he chases it on the ground and just plays hockey. Either way he's having a blast and that's all that really matters!


jacksmom said...

blaise is so cute!!!!!!!!!! maybe he will play baseball with me someday.softball grading is on sunday and dad is the assistant coach.

love, ali

Mo said...

He's SO cute!! He looks exactly like one of my friend's little boys!! Please tell me he's a Red Sox fan!!

JoviFan said...

Of course he's a Red Sox default. As a member of this family, he's a Bostonian at heart always! He is really adorable, Mo. I showed his pictures to a few of my colleagues today when I opened up my mac site. They fell in love instantly!