Monday, March 06, 2006

Watch our Rachel Ray !

Little Blaise figured out all by himself how to put together the mixer and was sooo proud! He was ready to create his next project (with the guidance of Rachel, of course). He just loves to watch her. I know that he will end up being a much better cook than me ... must run in the male genes in our family! With Mom and Dad's help there's nothing that the "little man can't create !


JoviFan said...

Mo, you were sooooo right when you said that sometimes Blaise reminds you of a cartoon character. Look at that little face! He absolutely looks like an adorable little animated creation! How sweet! Too bad he and Al couldn't play together!

lms129 said...

Thats an awesome picture. Alli loves to cook. We got her a set of kitchen tools made especially for little kids. Her specialty is pizza and she rolls the dough out with her own little rolling pin but the best is when she flips it! I wish Allison and Blaise could comete against each other like Iron Chef, lol!

Sabrina said...

WHAT A FACE!haha... I love it. He is so, so cute!