Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ok, Let's Dust Off The Surfboards

Aside from watching AI, Survivor, The Amazing Race and of course "The Donald Trump Show", one thing that I really like to do is to surf ... aka my chosen name "Surfwhine" which is surf girl for those of you who don't speak Hawaiian! Well while out in my garage the other day looking for something I glanced up at my surfboards ... haven't been out surfing since I was 5 months pregnant, sorry no pics for Ya'll to see! I was in my bikini so it was interesting to see the looks from the other beachgoers! My boards need to be dusted off and put back in the water. I have been back in the pool almost everyday getting back into paddling shape. I swam everyday while pregnant and even was a week late and still doing flipturns in the pool, hope that "Little Blaiser" was having a fun time!! I have three boards, the red one, "The Soldier", the polka dotted one, "The Clown Board" , and "The Hot Flame Board". I like the polka dotted one the best! Soooo now if I can just get out on the water and get a few pics you all can see what fun it is. I'll be taking Blaise out with me when the weather warms up a bit ... way too cold for awhile for the little one. We just have fun in the jacuzzi right now and pretend that we a big wave riders!!
Cowabunga Dude!!


JoviFan said...

I think the beach passersby were staring at you in your bikini because you looked good. If I got my ass out there on a surfboard and a bikini, you'd see the passersby shrieking with horror! Hell, no!

lms129 said...

Good luck with the surfing! Sounds like alot of fun!!!!