Saturday, March 11, 2006

Red Sox ... is there another Team ??

Just so Y'all know, just because we are in the West our "hearts" are in the East ... Coast that is. The other day I took Blaise to the sports store to checkout baseball gloves, trying to find the smallest one that they carried. Guess I am a little overanxious because even the very small ones were huge. Soooo instead of the glove we got this cool hat, which he doesn't want to take off of his head. I told him that "B" was for Boston and of course "B" is for Blaise. Later that evening when Daddy came home, Daddy asked Blaise what the "B" was for and Blaise shouted out "BOSTON" !!! Now there was no prompting by me for the response and I had told him Boston earlier in the day. Must just be in the blood! He knows about "The Green Monster" and we hope to get to Fenway soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mo,
I would love it if you could bring Blaise to Boston sometime. They have tours at Fenway and you could get his pic taken at the Green Monster. This blog stuff is fun, I still have alot to figure out about posting pctures. I gotta get a picture of Caroline on there with her new tooth!

JoviFan said...

As if there were any other team!!