Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy Birthday to Blaise !

Yeah! It's Blaise's 3rd Birthday. Can I hardly believe it! We had a little celebration yesterday with his friends. As you can see he had a lot of fun!
Blaise's Birthday cake. Yes, he did help me make it! Mixed the batter AND got to use the beaters to make the frosting! Besides building things outside he Loves to bake with me!
Watch the video
We had a really fun celebration at Amalia's yesterday with the kids.We wanted to share his Birthday with them before the actual day ( October 25th)."Gram" was up so it made it more special. The kids were too cute. More celebrating to come!
Remember if you want to see my video you need Quicktime.
Go to to download .... easy and free! Enjoy!

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Molly said...

Blaise is a kid after my own heart--spoon in the cake straight away!! And a birthday party isn't a party without sippy cups and Sesame Street characters on the cake! :) It doesn't feel like so long ago that my little sister was there! (And now she's turning 18) Yikes!

Keep those videos coming Mo!

XOXO, Molly