Thursday, October 05, 2006

Love those Ice Blended Mochas at Coffee Bean

If I have one vice it definitely is an ice blended mocha from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I like to meet my friends Robin and Cindy there for a

"blend". My order is always the same ... decaf, half mocha half vanilla with Extra whipped cream! Oh yes, Love the Whip! ... then I get an extra straw, Blaise loves the purple straws, and he has his "mocha coffee" as he calls it, actually it's only the whipped cream! Good to the last drop as you can see!


Mindy said...

Mine is the Regular Ultimate half mocha and half vannila with soy no whip! Yummmmm

Molly said...

It is Mindy and Julie's fault that I am hooked on Coffee Bean... Julie and I both are Vanilla Latte (hot) or Vanilla Ultimate (cold) girls... I got my sister hooked this week too!