Thursday, October 12, 2006


Watch the video

Here is a bit of video from Lowell's (or "Uncle Lolo as he is known in the halau) show on Sunday 10-8-06 in Ventura. It was really great! Felt like we took a little trip to the Islands!!! Hula Halau O Puananiha ' Aheo put on the show. Check out their link on my blog. In the front row in the middle is Lowell's daughter, Nani, who is an extraordinarily talented dancer as well as ukulele player and singer. Awesome! The musicians are Grammy Award winners from Hawaiii, Keoki Kahumoku, Herb Ohta Jr., and Daniel Ho. Thought you would like to see some of the beautiful dancing!!

You need to have quicktime to see the video.

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Mindy said...

Wow your a real pro now. Your camera is taking great video. Love the hula.

Molly said...


You're a video blogger now! Please do add me to your links... Do you mind if I add you as well?

Love, Molly

Mindy said...

I will be up in your area next week lets get together.

julie said...

Hey Mo,
Go ahead and link up to Julie's blog. I will link you up to hers. Mo and me decided to start a blog for Julie for her birthday. We are doing all the posting right now until we get her computer wise.