Thursday, October 26, 2006

"My Little Guppy"

Watch the video
Here is Blaise the Super Jumper! He took his first swimming lessons at the end of this summer. His teacher was Marjean, a woman who has been teaching swimming for 55, yes, 55 years!! She is amazing and is so great with the kids ... direct yet very loving. She has the patience of a saint. She does have other teachers that help too. In the video you can see Josh, Blaise's favorite teacher who helps him jump.
I always wondered how Blaise would take to the water, and as you can see he is just like me ... gills and all !!

Remember to download Quicktime at to see this cute video!


Molly said...

Mo, He is adorable (so is the darling lady teaching him!) It's great that you are getting him wimming early! XO, Molly

Molly said...

Or swimming!! :)