Friday, October 06, 2006

My How Time Flys!!

Today is our five year anniversary. Can hardly believe it ... time does really fly by! Thought you all would like to see a pictue of me when I am actually dressed up ... not the usual shorts, bathing suit, wetsuit, or "active wear"! We had such a wonderful wedding day. It was awesome to be surrounded by all of our loved ones! Here is to a lifetime of Happiness Together!!!


JoviFan said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful picture!

JoviFan said...

I didn't even notice your other posts until I scrolled down just now. Great pics! OK, when I come out to visit one of these centuries, add the Coffee Shop to my list of important SB sites to see! I take Allie to a local coffee shop all the time. I have coffee and she has orange juice. She loves it...especially in the summer when they have the terrace open and she can sit outside. She's so cute. Some day she and Blaise will have to go out for their caffiene fix together.

Molly said...

Mo, I love this photo. You look gorgeous. A couple more weeks--okay, not quite a couple weeks--and I will have my wedding photos up! :)

Love, Molly