Thursday, October 19, 2006

Our Trip to Lake George, Mammoth

At least once a year we make a trip up to the Sierras to go camping. This year we had a later start than usual. We went up the end of September and stayed for a week. We stayed at Lake George in a cabin right on the water. It was the most picturesque spot! I must have said "I feel like I am on top of the World" a million times ... Philip just kept saying, "Yes, I know!"Blaise had
a blast! playing in the dirt, gathering rocks, feeding the
chipmunks and of course fishing! He even has his own fishing rod just his size.
We did catch some trout as you can see in the pics! It was a really fun trip. We did see a bear right at the waters edge in front of our cabin cruisin for fish. We will definitely be back!
Watch the video
Here I am on my kayak in the middle of Lake George, up at Mammoth Lakes.The lake is at 9,200 ft and the views are amazing!!!I wanted to give a "fisheye view" from the lake! It was awesome to check out the 360scope. Tons of Fun!!! There is a bit of wind that you will hear, sorry for that ... I was just happy that I didn't fall over while taping ... the water is freezing!!
Remember ... you need to have quicktime to see my video ... go to to down load ... easy and free! Enjoy!


JoviFan said...

Great video. It looks beautiful there. Maybe Stephen and I should take our honeymoon at Lake George!

Mindy said...

Dang very cool. Looks live alot of fun.